17 Under The Radar Holiday Fat Loss Strategies

Gaining weight & packing on ugly belly flab over the holidays SUCKS…

Here are 17 tips that will help you naturally manipulate your body’s #1 fat loss hormone to lose fat FAST this season without EVER missing a holiday meal, party, or dessert.

Tip #1: Be “Normal”

In an effort to avoid the “damage” of a big meal or party, most people don’t eat anything else all day leading up to the big event in order to “save up” the calories. BIG mistake, and for several reasons.

First, when you go into a meal or party incredibly hungry, you will absolutely overeat to a much higher degree than you would  otherwise. Bigger portions of calorie dense, fatty/carb-laden  food = WAY more calories than you would have naturally eaten  throughout the day.

Secondly, eating nothing only to follow it up with a big, high-fat/high-carb/high-calorie meal leads to a greater percentage of those calories than normal to be stored as fat.

Tip #2: Deplete Before A “Big” Day

This is damage control at it’s finest. One of the things I teach my clients to do is “prep” for a big day full of food with a depletion workout the day before. You may or may not know, but there’s plenty of “food” stored within your muscles in the form of both carbohydrate and fats. Carbohydrate (when stored in muscle, called “glycogen”) and fats (when stored in muscle, called “intracellular triglycerides”) are actually stored within muscle tissue as an energy source to fuel activity.

Fat is a slower energy source, so something as simple as doing a lot of walking the day before a party is a great way to deplete some of your intracellular triglyceride stores. As for glycogen depletion, go with something akin to circuit-style weight training. Keep the load light, do a lot of repetitions, and really “go for the burn”.

Going into a big meal with depleted intramuscular energy stores  (brought about via energy-depleting exercise) will lead to much of that meal refilling those stores as opposed to being tacked onto your waist, hips, and the ol’ gluteus maximus.

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Holiday Fat Loss Black Book

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IMPORTANT: These 17 tips are for the minority, not the majority, of meals and parties that you will be sitting down to and attending this holiday season. For the vast majority of the events you take part in this year, the instructions will be as follows:

Go. Eat liberally. Enjoy. Go back for seconds. Have dessert.

And after you read through these reports you’ll learn exactly how this is possible, and how you can actually use your favorite foods to “trick” your body into burning more fat than ever before.

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Does it take a rocket scientist to know this is a good deal?  No.

Will you get over 20 under-the-radar strategies to help you lose 10-15 pounds this holiday season while eating whatever you want? Yes.

The rest is for you to decide.

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Jamin Thompson

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