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superman busy man workoutsThere’s a big misconception out there that if you work in an office (aka sit on your ass from 9-5 or later)…you’re lazy and unmotivated if you’re “too tired to train” either before or after work.

This assumption is 100% FALSE.

Having worked in several corporate environments myself, and sat in tons of super boring, all-day meetings in uncomfortable clothes, I can honestly tell you if you’ve never done it before…it makes you feel tired, drained, and exhausted.

The LAST thing you usually want to do after working in an office all day is hit the gym.

Some trainers just don’t get it, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard quite a few of them ranting on social media about how people are lazy, unmotivated, and how “there is no excuse to miss a workout because you’re tired”…

….as if skipping a workout due to work fatigue is some sort of disease you could die from within 24 hours if you don’t get immediate medical attention…

Trust me, it’s not that serious.

Here’s the no bullshit, no personal training services to sell you, honest reality: sitting on your ass for 8-10 hours (or more) in an office all day is draining…it makes you mentally and physically tired, and there is mounting evidence that it may even be killing you.

(This is one of the reasons I’m about to invest in a standing desk.)

Fact is, you’re usually dead tired after a long day at work, whether it’s in an office, driving a truck, or working in a restaurant…so it’s perfectly normal to want to stay home and relax. I know I do.

Sometimes all I want to do after a hard day at work is sit on the couch, watch ESPN and eat junk food. Why junk food? Because junk food tastes awesome and it makes me temporarily feel good after a long day of kicking ass in a suit.

Before you even give me one of those classic “hold up Mr. Fitness” lines about how I can say I like junk food…

…let me just state for the record that I’m not one of those crazy diet Nazis who will sit here and try to bullshit you and tell you that broccoli tastes better than pizza…or that chocolate protein powder is a tastier alternative to chocolate ice cream.

That’s just downright insulting. You’re smarter than that, and that’s why you’re still reading this.

Here’s the thing: just because you wear a suit and tie to work and you aren’t dying inside to hit the gym after a long day at the office (because you’re feeling tired and lazy)…doesn’t necessarily mean you are some sort of “manorexic pussy” or weak minded slacker.

We all have weak moments. It’s normal. It’s a pain in the ass getting home at 6 or 7 pm and then dragging yourself to the gym to exercise at night. And don’t even get me started on working out BEFORE work…bleh.

Now, I can’t promise you a miracle…and I don’t have any secrets for magically creating energy when you’re tired (other than going to bed earlier the night before, duh)…but I can give you a few of my best workouts that can help your workouts become more efficient and save you time.

There are 1440 minutes in a day (which means a 30 minute workout is only 2% of your day)…

I KNOW you aren’t busier than the President so I KNOW you can squeeze in 20-30 minutes to get a quick workout in. I know you’re important, but you’re not THAT important. You definitely have enough time in your day to spend 2% of it working on your health and fitness.

And if you’re one of those “broscience” dudes who mistakenly think that short workouts are ineffective…just give me 15 minutes with you and I’ll have you puking and cramping right there on the gym floor.

Trust me.

I’m not saying this to be cocky, I am just stating facts and using real science against you. We are all human, and we all have physical limits. Period.

If you’re still with me, I’ve posted a few of my favorite “busy man” workouts for you below. I created them myself and tested them out on myself personally so I know they’re going to kick your ass and help you get healthier, stronger, and fitter if you do them right.

Note: The workouts below aren’t outlined in weekly program format, they are simply examples and guidelines. Feel free to adjust them or tweak them according to your own needs, goals, training level, and physical limitations.

Busy Man Workout Example 1

1. Superset: Front squats (5X5) + deadlifts (5X5)

2. Superset: Pullups (bodyweight 3X10)+ RDL’s (3X10)

3. Superset: Leg extensions (3X10) + hypers (3X10)

4. Cardio: Speed rope 10 minutes.

Busy Man Workout Example 2 (no rest between sets & no gym necessary!)

1. Hindu pushups – As many as you can do in 3 minutes

2. Bodyweight Prisoner Squats – As many as you can do in 3 minutes

3. Lateral Wall Walks – As many as you can do in 3 minutes

4. Bodyweight lunges – As many as you can do in 3 minutes

5. V-Up Crunches – As many as you can do in 3 minutes

Busy Man Workout Example 3

1. Superset: Barbell Bent over row (3X8) + Barbell shoulder presses (3X8)

2. Superset: Power cleans (3X8) + bodyweight knee jumps (3 sets of :30)

3. Superset: Plate pushes (3 sets of :30 push) + Power Wheel Rollout (3 sets of :30)

4. Double hand kettlebell slam (3X10)

5. Mountain Climbers (:60)

Busy Man Workout Example 4

1. Superset: Thrusters (3X15) + Duck Walks (:30)

2. Supersest: Ring Dip (3X5) + Ring Fly (3X5)

3. Superset: Handstand Pushup (3X10) + Inverted Thick Rope Rows (3X10)

4. Supersest: Hanging leg raises (2X20) + Plank (:60)

Busy Man Workout Example 5 (no rest between sets. complete circuit 2 times)

1. Weighted parallel grip chin ups on rings :30 seconds

2. Pushups :30 seconds

3. Jump squats :30 seconds

4. Two handed overhead kettlebell slam :30 seconds

5. Heavy Bag kicks :30 seconds

6. Tornado ball :30 seconds

7. Handstand pushups :30 seconds

8. Heavy Bag strikes: 30 seconds

9. Front Lever :30 seconds

10. Rope Climb (hands only)

busy man workout jamin thompson

Busy Man Workout ‘Cardio’ Example 1

Speed Rope 10:00

Heavy Bag kicks and knees 3:00 minutes (then :60 second rest)

Heavy Bag upper body strikes 3:00 minutes (then :60 second rest)

Shadow boxing 3:00 minutes (then :60 second rest)

Busy Man Workout ‘Cardio’ Example 2

Bear crawl w/5 lb dumbbells in hands :30 seconds

Backwards bear crawl w/5 lb dumbbells in hands :30 seconds

Bear crawl with push-up every 5 steps : 30 seconds

Backwards bear crawl with push-up every 5 steps : 30 seconds

Rest for 60 seconds & repeat two times.

Busy Man Workout Options & Tips:

1. Exercise at lunch. Sometimes all you need is the office stairwell.

2. Exercise before work. If you’re a morning person, this is your moment to shine.

3. Exercise after work. If you’re like me, you’ll likely choose this option.

4. Don’t exercise at your desk regardless of what the magazines tell you. Doing this will result in the loss of all office cool points instantly. I’d probably fire you.

5. Ask a hot chick you don’t have the balls to ask to dinner to be your training partner. Maybe then you’ll have enough motivation to get your lazy butt to the gym.

6. Try to get your best training in on the weekends. For example, weight train in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, then do high intensity sprinting in the afternoon. That gives you 4 workouts for the week right there when you aren’t as pressed for time.

Final Thoughts

These days, we can’t afford to let our jobs beat us up and diminish our health. We MUST find ways to exercise regularly and we MUST find ways to eat healthier consistently.

Don’t let your dream job get in the way of your dream physique…and don’t let anyone talk down to you and make you feel like a fat lazy slob for being normal…it’s perfectly normal to feel tired and not have the energy to want to work out after work.

I mean let’s face it, holding down a full time corporate job is tiring and you probably don’t have time to work out 2 hours a day 6 days a week like a pro fitness model or bodybuilder. Plus if you have kids at home, you’re probably 10 times more drained than the average person. You’ve got every right to be tired and not want to hit the gym. It’s 100% normal.

Don’t get it twisted though, being and feeling “normal” doesn’t mean you need to be average…so as a man you’re going to respect the man code on this one. Since the beginning of time, men are known for never making lame excuses for “not having time to hunt for food” or “being too scared to defend your families honor in battle” or “feeling too tired to have sex with your wife”. Statements like those are blasphemous according to the Manology Handbook.

The same goes for your training. It’s not gonna be easy, but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do it anyway. So even if you’re managing a billion dollar hedge fund and have more important things to worry about than your abs,  youcan always try to find time to make that 0.02% of your day count.

Keep training hard.


PS – If you come back to this page and post a comment like “this workout was easy” or “I didn’t feel anything” I’ll know you trained like a pussy.

PPS – Don’t be afraid to create your own busy man workout using variations of the routines outlined above. Feel free to be creative, but as a starting point, build your workout around the basic exercises (squats, deadlifts, pushups, dips, pullups, chinups, standing presses, and rows). For example, select 2-3 of these basic exercises each workout, then add 1-2 bodyweight and core exercises in and you’re good to go.

PPPS – Ladies, I apologize for making this post “man focused” and using macho bravado throughout the article to enhance my points. I also apologize for using the word “pussy” several times in this article. I’m no woman hater, I love and respect all women, so if you’re hurt or offended I am truly sorry. Furthermore, until saying “you trained like a girl” becomes cool, I will probably be forced to write a few “man focused” articles like this one by popular demand. This is no fault of yours, I take full responsibility for not having the balls to go against the grain. Also, I’m actually not sorry at all for anything I just apologized about. It just felt like the right thing to say. Unless you’re hot, then I meant every word. Don’t judge me, I’m a guy.

PPPPS – I’m totally joking Ladies. I applaud all of you who made it this far into the article – you’re totally awesome for putting up with my awful comedy and I love you for it. This article is for you too! 🙂

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