jamin thompson the rookie wrong for right

Jamin Thompson To Star In New Cop Drama Pilot ‘Wrong for Right’

Jamin Thompson To Star In New Cop Drama Pilot ‘Wrong for Right’

jamin thompson the rookie wrong for right

EXCLUSIVE: Jamin Thompson (The Rookie) is set to star in cop drama pilot Wrong for Right, from creators/executive producers Brian Carroll, Jamie Ohlsen and Keishawn Blackstone, who is also the director of the series.

Written by Carroll and Blackstone, Wrong for Right is a character-driven genre thriller that centers around a rogue detective (O’Brien) who leads a squad of vigilante cops who get justice by taking the law into their own hands.

They risk their own lives and careers in order to dish out their own ideas of what proper justice looks like towards criminals and people they believe to be evil. It may be wrong in the law’s eyes, but it’s right to the victims and to them.

In the series, also directed by Blackstone, Thompson plays the villain (Terrell Simpson) who is at the head of a notorious crime ring.

A violent criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his interests, Simpson uses hardball tactics to control the streets as well as maneuver his way through the legal system in what eventually leads to a clash of the titans with O’Brien.

Blackstone and Ohlsen executive produce with Carroll, who is the creator.

Irish Productions and Ohlsen & Blackstone are the production companies.

The series is expected to premiere in the Fall of 2020.

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