Leg Day At The Mecca

Yesterday I hit up Gold’s Venice Beach with my buddy Ian Lauer (who also happens to be a pro fitness model and expert trainer) to train legs. For those of you who have never been to ‘The Mecca of Bodybuilding’ it is quite the experience. In one corner of the gym there was a magazine shoot going on. In another …

Quick Total Body Workouts For Home or Hotel

Have to travel on business? On vacation? Road trip with friends? Busy schedule and can’t make it to the gym?

Not to worry!

Here are a few total body “Hotel Workouts” that you can do with little to no equipment at all that will ensure you will never miss a workout and fall off track.

These are quick workouts that you’ll be able to finish in 15-20 minutes or less so you’ll have more time to spend having fun on your trip, or to just relax and chill out