squatober growtober jamin thompson deadlift squat

Squatober Challenge – Week 1

squatober growtober jamin thompson deadlift squat

I often hear people debating “When is the best time to workout? Morning, noon, or night?”

It’s really not that scientific, just lift bro.

Just get it in, be consistent, and the rest will take care of itself.

Early birds don’t get bonus points for grinding early, and late nite cats (like myself) also don’t get points for grinding late.


For you guys who read my stuff regularly you’ll know I can be unconventional and don’t always follow the mainstream “rules of fitness”…

To that point, people often get uncomfortable when I challenge dogmas, rules, and ideals they hold to be self-evident – and will sometimes show me a study or article to “prove” I’m doing it wrong “but J, it says here that on average…”


squat workout jamin thompson squatober

That said, I challenge & invite all of you to join my training partner and brother from another mother Nate Edwards & I in the Gifted Nutrition Squatober/Growtober Challenge this month.

What is Squatober you ask?

To clarify, Squatober means we’ll be doing squats & pull-ups every day (for 6 days a week) for the entire month of October.

Every day, you ask?!?



After an interesting discussion about new ways we can challenge ourselves to grow, we decided it would be a great idea to build a program around squats and pull-ups (which have been called the upper body squat).

Nate then went to the drawing board and designed the program below.

Both of us started this program on October 1st, but it isn’t too late for you to join the action.

We have already battle tested the full first week out for you on ourselves (just to make sure it was legit) and the full weekly split is posted for you below.

There are no clever marketing tricks or strings attached here – this program is 100% free and designed to help you get better.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So with that said…if you’re reading this and (1) are looking for a new challenge; and (2) want to grow and get these gains – this program is for you.


TEST DAY (Optional):
1. Back Squat:
(a) Warmup: 3×10 escalating weight
(b) Work: 1×5 60%, 1×4 70%, 1×3 80%, 1×2 90%, 1×1 Max for the day
(c) Work: 3×5 @ 75% day 1RM
2. Weighted Chins 5×3 ascending weight: 60 rest between sets
3. Inverted row 5×8
4a. DB pullover to extension 3×12-15
4b. DB Walking lunges 3×20 steps

Note: Test Day: we tested a sample workout out on ourselves first just to make sure everything we were put down on paper actually made sense in the gym. You do not have to complete the Test Day, you can skip right to Day 1 below. However, we figured it can’t hurt to throw in another free workout for you to try because we are cool like that. You can save this one for a rainy day. 

Pro Tip: You should know your 1 Rep Max before beginning this program. If you do not know your 1 Rep Max (1RM), or need help calculating the percentages, you can find some helpful online calculators here. Keep in mind that online calculators may only be 80-90% accurate, but they should be able to give you a general idea of where you are in terms of strength. 

Day 1:
1. Back Squat
(a) Warmup: 3×5 @ 45, 55, 65%
(b) Work: 6×6 @ 70% w/:90 rest between sets
2a. Chinup 5×10
2b. Standing Overhead press 5×10 w/:60 rest between sets
3a. Reverse curl 3×10
3b. Tricep press down 3×10
3c. Hanging knee raise 3×10

Are you not sure whether Squatober is for you? Watch the video below, then decide:

Day 2:
1. 3/7 Squat (example: 3 Front squats, duck under the bar and complete 7 back squats)
(a) Warmup: ramp up to 50% 1RM Back Squat
(b) Work: 50% 1RM- set interval timer for 2:00 and do 3 front squats, then 7 back squats. Rest remainder of the 2:00. PERFORM 8 SETS
2a. Straight legged Inverted row: 4x MAX REPS
2b. Sit-ups: 4×15

Watch the video below for a breakdown of the “3/7 Squat” format:

Day 3:
1. Back Squat 5×7 @ 75% 1RM w/:90 rest
2a. Tempo Pullup 4×8 (example: 2 second pause at the bottom and 2 second pause at the top. Overhand Grip).
2b. RDL 4×8 (example: 2 second negative on the way down/explosive pull and glute squeeze at the top).
3. Superman Holds 2x:90

Day 4:
1a. Split Squat 4×12 each leg—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
1b. Dumbbell stepup 4×8 each leg—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
1c. Plyometric stepup 4×12 total –Explosive for every jump
REST: 90 seconds after 1c has been completed
2a. Dumbbell Incline Bench 4×8—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
2b. Chest supported row 4×12—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
REST: 60 seconds after 2b has been completed
3. Hanging knee raises/Pull to face 1×50 reps each

Day 5:
1. Bear complex 8 reps (Clean + Squat + Press + Back Squat) with 80% of bodyweight.
2. 5-3-1 back squat (1) 2×10 warmup; (2) clusters (5 reps at 65%, 3 reps at 75%, 1 rep at 85%). No rest between 5-3-1 reps. Repeat 3 times. Rest 2-3:00 minutes after cluster is over
3. Barbell hip thrust 2×20 with your own body weight on the bar
4. Inverted row 1×50

1. Front Squat Challenge: Complete 50 reps in 5 minutes with your bodyweight on the bar.
Rest 5:00
2. Strict Chinup Challenge: max reps in 5:00…NO KIPPING!

Supplements used for performance and recovery during the week:

Morning (on an empty stomach): Greens Powder 
Pre-workout: Black Coffee, BCAA, Powder (optional)
Supplemental Protein: Ambrosia Planta
Post-workout: Overtraining Solution

Steal My Meal Plan: Download Here

Printable Meal Plan Template: Download Here

Thanks for reading and good luck with Squatober.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you’re looking at the Squatober workouts and thinking “oh helllll no” – just remember that you’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you try.

You have no idea the power that lies within you right now.

This power is inside all of us, we just have to test/push ourselves & unlock it.

So if you’re serious about taking your strength, conditioning, and endurance to the next level, it’s finally time to prove it. And you can prove it by putting in the work.

Then work some more.

Refuse to be outworked. Refuse to give in to fear, insecurity, weakness and self-doubt.

Push yourself beyond your predefined mental and physical limits each and every day.

Most importantly, love the battle. Love the journey and respect the process.

Today is a brand new day to build on yesterday’s accomplishments and grind towards your goals.

The key to greatness is right there in your hands.

It’s right there inside you.

The rest is for you to decide.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the workouts. Be sure to follow to follow Nate @grind2shine365 (aka the dude who writes the workouts) and myself @JaminThompson on Twitter and Instagram for workout updates and to get your questions answered. Week 2 will be dropping real soon. Stay tuned. 

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