Are Alien UFOs Real

Are Alien UFOs Real?

Are Alien UFOs Real

A few days ago, one of my friends asked me what my thoughts were on all the “Alien UFO stuff” we’ve been hearing about in the news lately.

And while I initially laughed it off as my brain retreated into its base defense (aka the default programming you’ll find among many scientific and academic “elites” that alien UFO sightings are nothing more than the hoaxes, lies and delusions of the common man) I then took pause and decided that maybe the concept was worth a deeper look.

Maybe (just maybe) this whole alien UFO thing is something I should think about on a deeper level before simply replying with the usual “haha dude that shit is crazy” and a few laugh emojis.

Technically speaking, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibilities for a person on the ground to see a strange looking craft in the air that was actually designed my own company and mistakenly believe it was an alien warship.

Deimos-One does not make alien warships (yet) but it does put (by any standard definition) Unidentified Flying Objects aka UFOs in the air, which usually gets people both excited and terrified any time they see them flying overhead.

That said, I have stated in previous posts, the official view of most scientific and academic elites is that alien UFOs are not “real” and shouldn’t be taken seriously – or at least no more seriously than any other ancient myth or cultural belief that you can’t prove in real life.

They don’t actually come out and say “we don’t believe in dumb stuff” but instead use very sneaky ways to indirectly say “alien UFOs are dumb and we don’t buy into it at all.”

To dumb things down even further, the media reinforces this disinterest by rarely covering UFOs, and when they do it’s always done with a significant amount of satire and humor, almost as if to reassure us that “you really shouldn’t be taking UFOs seriously, bro.”

But the more I thought about the strange mystery that is “alien” UFOs, the more I felt that maybe (just maybe) it’s time we started taking the entire concept more seriously.

Maybe it’s time we dedicated more resources to studying the science behind UFOs.

Maybe it’s time we stop looking at the data for the sole purpose of coming up with scientific ways to interpret the UFOs theoretically, only to provide theoretical reasons to dismiss them.

Maybe it’s time we close the door on old ways of thinking.

I am not an alien UFO expert, I am just a regular dude just like anyone else when it comes to this stuff.

I don’t know how these UFOs work or where they come from, but what I do know is that we’ve seen three-dimensional objects of unknown origin flying in the sky, stopping in midair and zooming off into space.

I know that many of these strange crafts appear to be solid but not natural or man-made.

I know that some of them have even landed on the ground and left physical evidence behind in the soil and in the leaves of nearby plants.

I know that some of them have hovered over the ocean and then dove beneath the waves.

I know that some of these crafts appear to conduct surveillance on and interact with advanced man-made aircraft.

I know that some of them appear to have physical effects on the aircraft they come in contact with, even the high-tech military types.

I know that we have observed these strange crafts and flying objects on film, satellites have spotted them, and they have even shown up on radar tracking monitors.

I know that these observations are not isolated and that they have occurred multiple times in various airspaces across the world.

Like I said, I’m no expert, but there appears to be enough evidence here to tell us that something weird is definitely going on.

Now, it’s one thing to observe something weird happening in the wild, but it’s another thing entirely to actually solve the puzzle.

And a complex mystery of this magnitude requires a certain level of critical thinking that may be far greater than what the mortal human possesses at this point in human history.

It is the type of complex mystery that requires a person to examine and process large amounts of data, and think in an algorithmic, problem-solving type way.

Almost like a futuristic machine…

But alas, one cannot get ahead of himself.

The first step towards victory is always performing the basic tasks.

First, we must formulate a hypothesis.

So far, here are the top popular theories:

  • It’s a PsyOp or US government drone
  • It’s due to natural human error
  • It’s another nation (China or Russia)
  • It’s alien to our earth (biological and technological)
  • It’s our future selves traveling back in time
  • It’s futuristic technology from private companies
  • It’s a hoax
  • It’s birds
  • It’s a secret earth organization
  • The government is gaslighting us
  • It’s delusions or all made up
  • They are advanced beings from the 4th+ dimension who can pop in and out of our 3rd dimension at will

You’ll have to send me a tweet and let me know if I missed anything but I think I have the top theories covered here.

Disclaimer: the last one is my strongest theory so far and I’m picking it as the probable winner just as a fun bet. 

Considering the seemingly endless spiderweb of possibilities that arise from the aforementioned theories, it’s quite easy to let your mind wander deep into the depths of ancient sci-fi lore.

And as ridiculous as most answers may seem, it’s fun to explore the implications and let your curious mind roam free.

Jamin Thompson Desert UFO

A random photo of me in the American desert

Are Alien UFOs Real?

As I mentioned before, I’m not an expert on aliens or UFOs (nobody is to be honest) so I’d like to approach this as more of a thought exercise where I can put my thoughts on paper and we can come up with a few working theories.

That said, please do not use this post as any sort of high-brow authoritative source, I am pretty sure most of the stuff I write here today will turn out to be hilariously false in 500 years. 

Now, the easy and obvious way out of this dilemma (so you don’t get roasted for your opinion in some cheesy i-told-you-so alien documentary in year 2521) is to simply take an agnostic approach and not make any extraordinary claims beyond the reality of a physical phenomena.

You just play the wise dummy and say “we don’t know what this is, and we don’t know what this is not.”

This is the default programming for many of the academics and researchers of our time.

Or you could go wallow in the mire and join the ranks of the unwavering believers and nonbelievers (with both sides cloaked in positional fallacy) who dig in and defend their positions of “alien ufos are real or alien ufos are not real” with no real hard evidence or legit analysis to back up either claim.

In my opinion, all of these warring factions maintain relatively weak positional theories and strategies.

I think it’s time someone goes out and makes the effort to actually acquire the scientific evidence needed to come up with a rational explanation.

So let us ask the burning question that’s been dominating my Twitter feed all week: Are we being watched by alien technology?

First of all, it’s impossible to answer this sort of question without sounding like either (1) a conspiracy theory nut job (2) an educated fool; or (3) an uneducated fool.

It’s a tricky question where every answer you come up with sounds completely ridiculous, no matter how intellectual or data driven your analysis may be.

But despite how ridiculous the entire notion of alien UFOs may seem, you could also make the argument that it’s just as ridiculous to simply dismiss it.

So even if you think the possibility of alien UFOs is completely ridiculous, history has taught us that usually the smart thing to do is consider everything possible, no matter how seemingly impossible it may be.

Are the odds fairly low that we are looking at real life aliens flying around?

Of course.

But I think it’s fair to say that since it’s impossible to simply dismiss alien UFOs as make believe or pseudoscience, that all UFOs should be studied more carefully and in great detail.

Regardless of the “odds.”

It would be unwise and lazy to simply declare any UFO testimony invalid “just because” or insist that only some long conjunction of encounter features is what’s scientifically or empirically sufficient.

That’s just lazy.

So How Do You Properly Analyze Weird Data?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which many of us have actively been doing since Covid started) you’ve probably seen a few senior members of the United States Government admitting that the military has collected visuals, data, and first person accounts of flying objects in the sky that they cannot explain; that they are investigating these phenomena seriously, and that they will be releasing more details to the public shortly.

You’ve also probably noticed that the existence of a military program on “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification” has also been confirmed and we have seen released videos of expert pilots marveling over unidentified aircraft defying the laws of physics and shattering the limits of known technology.

One could say this has developed into quite the curious subplot.

It almost feels like the opening scene to a big Hollywood movie where a super obvious and dangerous supernatural threat looms overhead, whilst unsuspecting citizens go about their daily lives as if nothing is happening.

Alien UFO

“Come on! How do you not see it!” we yell at the screen.

We have strange flying objects seen by Air Force and Navy pilots (or picked up by advanced imaging technology); objects that execute movements that appear to break the laws of physics, objects that travel at speeds that break the sound barrier without a sonic boom, and objects that engage in actions that are difficult to explain and surpass all known Earth technologies.

It would be one thing if these were simply eyewitness accounts made by fallible human observers, but there have been satellites and advanced sensors picking up these objects as well.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that all of this is just a little weird.

Sure, it isn’t solid proof of alien visitation, but it’s strange behavior that cannot be explained by modern Earth technologies.

It’s clearly the result of something that we don’t yet understand – and it could (with emphasis on could) be something that involves some type of activity that constitutes a form of life that is possibly not human.

Full Disclaimer: I don’t know what the truth is behind these reports and videos, and I cannot confirm or deny the existence of aliens in the universe. But, if I had to bet, I would bet that the likelihood of intelligent life existing “somewhere” out there on a planet other than Earth as being greater than not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a skeptic here, but I also relish the spaciousness of mystery.

I believe that anything is possible, and that the things we cannot explain (yet) often have simple answers that just haven’t been discovered.

History has demonstrated this time and again.

But as far as I can tell, the primary reason most people seem skeptical about the entire thing is primarily due to (1) the social taboo; and (2) the theory of the aliens visiting Earth in UFOs seems a priori unlikely.

But if we were to run our own tests, what would we learn?

If we were to do a full Bayesian analysis of the primary UFO theory categories, what would the data tell us?

If we start at the very beginning of what we know, our best “top standard” theories of the universe right now tell us that life exists here on Earth and that this was not a miracle; nor was Earth the only planet where such things could happen.

In addition, our universe also appears to be fairly massive and probably infinite. Therefore, our best top standard theories forecast that life has appeared and will continue to appear many times in this universe over billions and trillions of years.

Now, we have a tendency in “modern times” to make the false assumption that we are somehow the center of the universe and that everything revolves around us.

The reason for this (at least in my opinion) is due to the fact that time is stuck in an infinite loop of “right now” so our minds irrationally interpret the present as all that there is.

There is a strange sense of urgency that we have to figure out “some big problem” to save ourselves or face doom.

So we hypothesize (usually falsely) that the end of the world is always somehow in the lifetime of the current civilization in existence. This false assumption may be due to human arrogance, our default programming, or a combination of both.

Humans also often underestimate the incredibly large timescales of the origin of life to present day, and usually believe it to be much smaller than it actually is.

That said, the best scientific theories we have right now suggest that the appearance and disappearance of any life in the universe can occur over large timescales, so two independent alien origin stories are statistically likely to be millions to trillions of years apart in time.

This gives aliens a lot of time to travel to visit other aliens.

And while the general consensus is to hold the theories laid out above as true, we have the tendency to also apply unnecessary theoretical corrections to fit our assumptions of the unknown to fit our beliefs.

Therefore many smart people think it is theoretically implausible that any UFOs are aliens.

Alien UFOs - Alien Studies

But let us examine these assumptions a bit further.

Let’s ask ourselves: why do we consider alien UFOs implausible if we generally accept the other part of the theory that the universe is thirteen billion years old while human civilization is only a few thousand years old.

If the time scale of life is indeed this large, it isn’t mathematically impossible that there are alien civilizations out there may be millions or even billions of years more advanced than us.

If these so-called advanced aliens do have such a tremendous head start, one could argue that it is quite plausible that they are more than capable of making high tech devices that break all of our current laws of physics — high tech devices that display same the unusual traits reported in most UFO sightings.

But It Just Isn’t Realistic

There is no definitive math or science that says UFOs are not aliens.

There is also no definite math or science that says aliens do not exist.

That said, if we were to discover aliens, would they be like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen?

Would they be made of physical matter at all?

Or would they be invisible?

Since there is no proof to support a solid bet either way, I think it’s worth considering the possibility that maybe alien life exists in a “shadow biosphere” where creatures of a different biochemistry can exist without human detection.

If we were to find such a biosphere, should we even classify it as alien?

Or should we simply call it “unfamiliar?” 

There are a ton of interesting scientific theories to explore when it comes to aliens and life outside our planet, and most of them all sound crazy, but I think most people would agree are “not impossible.” 

That said, and following up on my point from above regarding alien UFO skepticism, I think the main argument most people have against alien UFOs is not that they are implausible scientifically, but that they are implausible socially.

Most alien UFO topics and concepts just don’t come with a socially responsible tone or logic.

If you have the balls to bring it up at work or at a social event, all of a sudden you are “that guy” who is the alien UFO conspiracy freak.

But social taboo aside, let’s consider:

Why would advanced aliens travel for hundreds of light-years to our far out corner of the Milky Way? To smash weird patterns into corn fields? To look at us for a while, show off a few cool tricks, and then turn around and go home?

Why haven’t they revealed themselves?

Why haven’t they contacted our leaders? 

Why don’t they just make their move already?

Why do they float around in half-stealth mode instead of just attacking or helping us?

I don’t have all the answers here (not even close) but just because we don’t understand something strange “right now” does not mean it is unquantifiable.

We all want it to make sense, but right now it makes no sense.

But is this really that much different than the strange mysteries of the ancient past?

Humans have been observing and reporting on strange phenomena since the beginning of time. From lightning strikes to solar eclipses to comets to ghosts, sea monsters, human-animal hybrids, and more.

But as our knowledge of our environments and this world improved due to breakthroughs in science and technology, we realized that many ancient and mythical observations of strange phenomena actually had rational explanations.

The problem is, we are a lot more jaded to weird phenomena today because a lot of the strange reports and theories of the past were full of errors and misunderstandings due to the limited technology and science available at the time.

For example, most people no longer believe lightning is caused by the “wrath of the gods” and literally nobody believes that stories about bigfoot are legit.

I don’t even think the nerds on the fringes of nerdom even discuss bigfoot anymore.

But despite us “knowing stuff” now, most folks still have a sense of trepidation and low confidence regarding the alien UFO reports.

Surely, any intelligent person cannot be 100% confident that a category of strange reports is all myth or error, simply because it is strange.

Humans Are Smart But We Barely Know Anything

It wasn’t too long ago (i.e. the 1990s) that most scientists considered the possibility of planets existing outside of our solar system to be completely ridiculous — but now we know that there are somewhere between 100-400 billion planets in the Milky Way alone.

Top scientists also used to believe that rocks falling from the sky and crashing into Earth was “an insane theory” but meteorites are an accepted part of modern science now.

I’m not pushing any particular theory or saying we are definitely looking at alien UFOs in these videos and reports, but how confident can we be that we are not?

alien ufo sign

Consider this: imagine, tomorrow, an alien craft crashed down here in Los Angeles.

And it doesn’t crash in the outskirts (which is what’s typically depicted in films and in pop culture) where a random farmer comes across it before it’s whisked away to a top secret government lab, never to be seen again.

No, imagine this alien craft crashes into the tallest building in downtown LA during the busiest time of the day. It hangs there for a several hours for everyone to see (where it can’t be easily whisked away) and then it crashes down into the street for everyone to get an even closer look.

There are no life-forms in the craft, but it’s clearly a hyper-intelligent robotic space craft.

It’s undeniably extraterrestrial in origin.

Hundreds of news vans and thousands of onlookers flood the scene.

People record thousands of hours of live footage with their iPhones, generating billions of social media views.

The global news coverage is unrelenting.

There would be no way for the suits to get out of this one, the whole alien conspiracy would be blown wide open.

Now we would be faced with the knowledge that we’re not alone, that an advanced species has probably been watching us for a long time, and we could only hope that they come in peace.

I am no expert in human culture and society but one of the immediate effects of this situation (I suspect) would be a total collapse in public trust.

We would probably see street riots and unprecedented levels of civil disorder begin to unfold as the people begin to see their own Government as public enemy number one for withholding a profound truth from them for generations (regardless if the government did or not).

The UFO conspiracy theorists would probably rise from the fringes of modern science and finally gain elite academic status (defeating the academic gatekeepers who laughed them off as fools) perhaps even controlling the direction modern science went next.

The next part is where things could get interesting:

Within days to weeks after the crash, we would probably see the beginning stages of a quasi war unfold where instead of fighting for land and resources like you’ll typically see in a normal war, the belligerents would be fighting to secure the narrative.

It would be similar to what happened worldwide with Covid, only this would be 100 times worse.

As the war progresses and new power dynamics begin to take form, the new “masters” who emerge from the ashes will probably be those who can force their ideas and impose meaning on the crash landing event. 

There would be the “once in a thousand year opportunity” to completely shape the story humanity tells itself for generations to come.

That is true power.

An event like this would also probably shake the religions of the world to their core (at least initially) but I imagine most of the big power organizations would regroup and recover as the leaders would convince their followers that they have always believed that we share both the Earth and the universe with other beings such as gods, angels, demons, spirits, ancestors, and the entities that are “deeper than man’s understanding.”

The entire remarkable and historically unprecedented alien revelation event would eventually be rationalized and mentally suppressed as most people would instinctively cling to hope that things could eventually return to “normal.”

Sadly, this is part of our default programming.

That said, I don’t think it it would be incredibly difficult for a religious leader of any particular group or status level to make the assertion and convince their followers that the belief of their system has always maintained that “we live in a crowded universe where other intelligences (gods, spirits, etc) are interested in our world and lives; and they have shaped and molded humanity throughout history.”

Aliens must be god’s creatures after all.

It would be a fairly solid power play, if it works.

But the ‘X’ Factor here, in my opinion, would not be the media or the churches and religious groups. It would be the military response.

If the alien contact was believed to be threatening (which I think is a very rational assumption considering the scenario), military budgets all over the world would grow quickly and immensely.

In the spending frenzy, Governments across the world would probably start investing very heavily in space travel, interstellar communication, lunar bases and futuristic weapons, ushering in a true space age.

Depending how deep into the waters of conspiracy theory you like to wade, you could also probably make the argument that the government is already executing this narrative grab, with the military establishment pre-positioning itself as the arbiter of information over any significant UFO events by releasing evidence and making bold statements.

Lastly, as the arms race intensifies and the rival nation-states begin to cast blame and fight for the dominant position in the alien fallout, we would likely see the situation politicized on the international stage.

The Chinese and the Russians would probably blame the Americans for testing a dangerous superweapon and screwing the whole thing up, putting the world at risk — and the American public would probably believe China or Russia was behind the whole thing.

As the propaganda artists on both sides continue to sow seeds of doubt and discord, the behind-the-scenes proxy war over who actually owned, and thus could research and profit from the technologies embedded in the alien craft could reach dangerous levels.

It could be a cocked pistol, Defcon 1 type of situation.

As tensions mount, mankind would probably be even less united than ever before; even despite the threat of total annihilation of the planet based on his own politically motivated escalation of the situation.

Non-Fun Fact: Humans rarely (if ever) unify and focus their political and technological efforts behind a common global purpose, so I think that the economics behind humans choosing total war instead of peaceful collaboration in this scenario is a solid assumption, even if the humans involved are faced with the complete and total destruction of the planet and the species. 

But, perhaps things may be different.

There is still the possibility that the realization other space-faring civilizations are out there may make humans more likely to want to come up with peaceful ways to collaborate and work together across nations for an optimal outcome; and even possibly communicate with the aliens or join them.

But… I have my doubts.

Final Thoughts

I know it sounds crazy and ridiculous to say it out loud… but whether we’re being visited by aliens, and what they might be up to is probably the most important scientific question of our lifetime.

That said, it’s unfortunate that the subject of alien UFOs is taboo and infrequently discussed on a high level (it seems to have been mostly a subplot to common man politics and silly jokes up to this point) but I believe the subject of alien visitation should probably get a deeper scientific analysis by the “big brains” of the world.

Of course, one of the major problems is that historically, alien UFOs have been associated with quacks and conspiracy theory nut jobs so anyone with any scientific street cred reflexively refuses to take the topic seriously and then defaults to the default programming of dismissing it or using satire to dismantle it.

Fact is, the discovery of aliens would be a very big deal — but it would also be a very big scary deal, and the possibilities for alien contact are unpleasant ones that we probably aren’t mentally, spiritually, or emotionally ready to deal with just yet.

So we do weird things in order to avoid it.

The good news is, we do appear to be reaching a technological apex in our society where we have the ability to (finally) study strange phenomena like UFOs on a high level — but the bad news is, the taboo associated with the topic of UFOs has stagnated much of the progress in this area.

Sure, a lot of this taboo is definitely politically driven by agents and groups who have a lot to lose by “aliens” ever becoming real (typically governments, religious groups, and various academic/scientific gatekeepers) but things are also slowed down by “elite” empiricists who just throw more complex research papers into the mix, adding minimal to zero value to the analysis of future research.

On the other hand, we have the dedicated UFO hunters who believe that UFOs are crafted by intelligent life forms, but they can never seem to properly analyze or discuss the origins, agendas, or goals of these intelligences.

Neither one of these methods is particularly helpful or useful.

Consider this: Experts estimate that over 100,000 UFO encounters have been reported across the world in the past 75 years — 5,000 to 10,000 of which seem very hard to explain.

And sure, some information may have been actively suppressed by governments, played down by the media, or intentionally skewed by special interest groups — but after 100,000+ encounters I think we should have more than enough data to come up with new ideas and form new hypotheses.

If we continue to go deeper down into the never ending rabbit hole of data gathering mode we risk spending another 50 to 100 years just collecting data.

Are data collection efforts such as analyzing pictures and videos in higher definition, or looking at slightly better radar maps going to teach us anything that we don’t already know?

If the point of data is to inform theory, let’s use what we have and get to work — the huge potential importance of this topic seems too obvious to ignore, despite the taboo.

That said, I’ll have to work on forming my own theory (and I have a good idea what my initial hypothesis will be) but I will leave you with the following questions to ponder as you work through your own:

Are there aliens visiting Earth today who were born on or migrated to a planet around a star that was born in the same stellar nursery as our sun?

If this is true, have they chosen not to expand or colonize and push deeper into space? If so, why?

Do these aliens visit other sibling stars that have developed advanced life? Do they visit by choice or is it a random discovery?

Is it possible for there to be two or more advanced civilizations both born from the same stellar nursery?

If a civilization of aliens exists that was born on a planet around a star that is a sibling to our sun, how old is it and how long can it last? Several hundred million years? A billion years? Longer?

How does and how could the Great Filter work into all of this?

Does an alien civilization last longer if it chooses not to expand out and colonize?

Did life in these stellar nurseries appear from nothing very fast, or was this life seeded from an outside influence?

When did life first appear on Earth? What type of lifeform was it? Is it still here? 

Could spawned life on Earth have been transferred to other planetary systems in our Solar System’s birth cluster?

Could life on Earth been transferred from beyond our Solar System?

Is Lithopanspermia a possibility considering the known timescales?

Do the probabilities for life and expansion of that life make sense considering the time constraints? How does the probability change when you factor in 2 or more civilizations? 

What is the probability that a race of advanced aliens was spawned into the perfect conditions for life over multi-hundred million year timescales? 

What is the probability that the same race of advanced aliens was born early enough and close enough to travel to Earth to be here right now?

If a race of aliens was advanced enough to travel way out to Earth’s distant location in the Milky Way, why wouldn’t they choose to push out in a different direction and colonize the universe instead?

If a race of aliens was advanced enough to travel way out to Earth’s distant location in the Milky Way, and chose not to push out in a different direction and colonize the universe… what is the probability that they would show up here just to do a few super cool futuristic tricks for our cameras and leave without saying anything?

Where do they disappear off to when they leave?

I could go on and on, but I think this is a good start.

These questions only scratch the surface, but you could probably write a 1,000 page white paper on each one of them.

The question of alien UFOs is a difficult one, and one that will have even the most elite econometricians, mathematicians, and astrobiologists scratching their heads, but it’s a fascinating question and experiment that everyone can work on and think about and try to answer.

Sure, there are a ton of assumptions, unknowns and what-ifs, but it is an interesting thought experiment to tackle nonetheless.

Our universe contains an infinite number of difficult and unanswered questions; all of them equal parts fascinating and terrifying, many of which are beyond our scope of understanding (for now at least).

We must chase the answers relentlessly.

This is the way.