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Announcement: Our New Data & Research Lab Is Open & Operational

Big news today:

Our Data & Research Lab ‘Deimos-One Labs’ is officially open for business.

It will serve the U.S. government and commercial customers with responsive and reliable data analysis, warfighting intelligence, and space systems support.

The Lab will offer a comprehensive suite of domains — including but not limited to remote sensing analysis, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, business and warfighting intelligence, and economics.

You can find a full list of services here.

The Lab will also support launch services and space systems capabilities (to the U.S. government and its allies) as well as the expansion of our stratospheric space capabilities (for commercial customers and research institutions).

But a big part of my vision with our Data & Research arm is The Animus, our proprietary, AI-driven Intelligent Decisioning System that (I think) will dramatically transform the landscape of strategic planning and problem-solving.

Here’s a quick rundown on Animus:

  • Built on the principles of evolutionary computation.
  • Designed to rapidly analyze difficult problems and recommend optimal resolution pathways.
  • Ability to evaluate millions of variables/options/goals/outcomes in seconds.
  • Can solve hundreds of thousands of computations in nanoseconds.

Watch the video for more details: 

If you’re looking for a reliable technology partner for deep data analytics (who can also shoot stuff into space) reach out and let’s talk: contact us here.

To learn more about our new Data Science & Research Lab:

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