shoulder workout

Shoulder Workout for Boulder Shoulders

shoulder workout

Seems like I get asked all of the time “Jamin, what workout should I do to get jacked.”


“Jamin, what is the best workout for <insert body part here>.”

There is no easy answer to any of these questions as there is no one workout that is “the best for this” or “the greatest for that”.

There are literally endless workout types and combos out there for you to try and many of them are great.

Personally, I like to experiment with crazy new things and try to find creative ways to challenge myself and keep things interesting.

This way I keep the gym fun, while at the same time, encourage my body to grow and get more “jacked”.

One of these “experiments” was today’s shoulder workout, which you can check out below.

Before we get into the workout, however, here are a few things to keep in mind:

(1) Building cannonball style, rock-hard, boulder shoulders will help you impress a lot more chicks. That is the main reason you are reading this, right? The chicks?

(2) Broadening your shoulders is the best way to make your waist look slimmer (giving you that V-shaped look that the ladies love). Go ahead and say it…“you know why I’m here.” The chicks.

(3) If you truly want to build a jacked upper body and hulk up to impress the chicks, you’ve got to train shoulders like a real OG. This means you can’t dillydally around with machine lifts and lateral raises; you’ve got to kick it into hulk mode and mix in a variety of lifts (i.e. Olympic, heavy, bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, cables), rep schemes, and tempos.

(4) If you’re not using basic compound lifts in your shoulder routine (i.e. Military Press, Arnold Press, etc) start doing them ASAP.

(5) Don’t shy away from the most difficult exercises (i.e. Hang Clean & Press, Handstand Push-ups). They are your best tools for success.

(6) Don’t forget about your real delts, they need love too.

(7) Always warm up your shoulders for at least 5-10 minutes before training them.

shoulder workout

Working on my one-handed handstand pushups

This shoulder workout only scratches the surface of what’s possible in terms of variety, but it should be a good start. It will also show you the level of difficulty and intensity you need to be training at if you want to build an elite physique.


Superset (3 rounds)
Power Cleans 25 reps
Pushups 25 reps
Rest for :60 seconds after each round

Superset (3 Rounds)
Barbell Military Press 15 reps
Muay Thai Pushups 15 reps
Rest for :60 seconds after each round

Superset (3 Rounds)
Arnold Press 10 reps
Chinese Pushups 10 reps
Rest for :60 seconds after each round

Giant Set (3 rounds)
Handstand pushups 10 reps
Seated front raise 10 reps
Seated lateral raise 10 reps
Rear delt fly on incline 10 reps
Face Pulls 10 reps
Rest for :90 seconds after each round

Superset (3 rounds)
Sledgehammer Slams :60 seconds
Speedrope :60 seconds
Rest for :90 seconds after each round

Pro Tip: When going through these circuits, there is no need to go extra heavy and use bad form. Choose a weight that challenges you, but also suits your level of strength & conditioning. Be sure to maintain discipline and try to keep your form as strict as possible throughout the entire routine.

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