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Squatober Challenge Week 2

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Welcome back.

Last week we completed 6 squat workouts in one week.

For those of you who made it through the first week and completed all of the workouts, congratulations.

It wasn’t easy, but you pushed through it.

For that, you should be incredibly proud of yourself.

On the flip side…

For those of you who may have missed out on last week’s action and need to catch up – it isn’t too late – you can still swipe the workouts from Week 1 here.

Now I’m sure you’re ready to skip down and swipe the workouts for Week 2…but first, here are a few words of motivation from Nate.

If you are still up for the challenge, here are the workouts for week 2.


Week 2-Day 1:
Warmup Stationary Bike or Treadmill 15 minutes
1. Back Squat: 75%x3/ 80%x2/ 85%x1/ 90%x1/ 60%x10+ MAX REPS
2. Pendlay rows: 5×5 — LOAD IT UP AS HEAVY AS YOU CAN
3. Bro it out: Curls 1x max reps /Triceps 1x max reps /Abs 1x max reps

Week 2-Day 2:
1. Front Squat: (Use Back Squat 1RM)
(a) Warmup: 1×3 40%, 1×3 50%
(b) Work: 6×4 60%
2a) Kroc row: 3×15+ each hand — GO HEAVY
2b) Nordic hamstring curl: 3×8 (5 seconds eccentric)
3. Farmers Walk: Accumulate 300 yards — GO HEAVY


Week 2-Day 3:
Pre-Game: One Scoop Accelerate + 10 min bike ride + 2×10 squats + 2×10 TKE
1. Pause Squat: 5 second pause at the bottom
(a) Warmup: 1×3 40%, 1×2 50%, 1×2 60%
(b) Work: 7×3 70%
2a) Floor Press: 5×5 escalating weight
2b) Feet elevated inverted row: 5×15
3. Weighted v-ups: 1×50 (using 25 pound plate) + hammer curl 1×50 + tricep pushdown 1×50

Week 2-Day 4:
1. Good morning to squat (4 second eccentric/explosive concentric)
(a) Work: 5x 1:00 sets AMRAP 45% 1RM (Use Back Squat 1RM)
2. Weighted Pullup: 5×2 Ascending Weight
3. Yoke Triplet: DB shrug x15 + rear delt flyes x15 + Pull to face x15 (repeat 3 times)

Week 2-Day 5:
Pre-Game: One Scoop Accelerate
Warmup: Prowler Push or Treadmill Push 3X:20 + Goblet Squat 2×15
1. Back Squat: rep waves with 15 seconds rest
(a) 70% x5 (15sec), x4 (15sec), x3 (15sec) rest 3:00 after all reps completed
(b) 80% x4 (15sec), x3 (15sec), x2 (15sec) rest 3:00 after all reps completed
(c) 85% x3 (15sec), x2 (15sec), x1 (15sec) rest 3:00 after all reps completed
2a) Chest Supported DB row: 4×20 using ascending weight
2b) Ab wheel rollouts: 4×20
3. Crazy 8’s x 1 set—triceps press down drop set x1 set max reps

squat workout jamin thompson prowler push squatober
Week 2-Day 6: CHALLENGE
1. Tabata Front Squat Challenge:
:20 work/ :10 rest x 8 rounds (weight 135lb Men / 95lb Women)
2. Tabata Inverted Row Challenge
:20 work/ :10 rest x 8 rounds

Supplements used for performance and recovery during the week:

Morning (on an empty stomach): Greens Powder 
Pre-workout: Black Coffee, BCAA, Powder (optional)
Supplemental Protein: Ambrosia Planta
Post-workout: Overtraining Solution

Steal My Meal Plan: Download Here

Printable Meal Plan Template: Download Here

Thanks for reading and good luck with Squatober.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you do, always work to be the best.

Your best.

Accepting anything less means you’re wasting the gifts you were blessed with – and nothing is worse than wasted talent, missed opportunity, and a life full of regret.

So refuse to give in and accept complacency, conformity, mediocrity, and weakness.

It’s not going to be easy.

Life will never be 100% comfortable.


When you’re pushing to reach the next level there will be struggles and adversity, and true champions are always fighting something.

There will always be someONE or someTHING standing in the way of you and your goals & dreams. 

Pushing you.

Challenging you.

Testing you.

And settling for where you currently are means you’re no longer fighting.

No longer growing. And no longer winning…

When you start feeling comfortable and secure, you’ve already lost – and once your belly is full, you can excuse yourself from the table.

If you’ve made it this far, great job – you should truly be proud of yourself because you are working at an elite level and doing things that most people could never even dream of doing.

But let’s not get too caught up with yesterday’s achievements – there is still work to do.

Stay hungry. Week 2. Let’s get it.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the workouts. Be sure to follow to follow Nate @grind2shine365 (aka the dude who writes the workouts) and myself @JaminThompson on Twitter and Instagram for workout updates and to get your questions answered. Week 3 will be dropping real soon. Stay tuned. 

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