brovember workout program jamin thompson deadlifts

Brovember Workout Program | Weeks 1 and 2

brovember workout program jamin thompson deadlifts

Last month we got down and dirty and crushed 24 leg days in just 4 weeks.

If you missed out on the action from last month and need to catch up – here are the links to swipe the Squatober Workouts from  Week 1Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4

For those of you who made it through Squatober and survived, congratulations.

But now…it’s time to change gears.

The eleventh month of the year (formerly known as November) is here.

Welcome to Brovember, brochacho.

So just what exactly is Brovember, you ask?

Say no more fam.

Brovember is a month dedicated to guys doing “guy stuff” – stuff like grilling, watching football, shooting guns, and making sure every training day is either chest day or arm day.

There aren’t a whole lot of rules for Brovember (because having a lot of rules would defeat the entire purpose of having a month dedicated to bro-ing out) duh…

…but for the purposes of this Brovember Workout Program, here are a few general guidelines to follow when you hit the gym:

  1. Tank or cutoff t-shirt is required.
  2. Perfect form will NOT be judged.
  3. Sunglasses are not required but are a big bonus.
  4. Headband is optional but highly recommended.
  5. Turning your head side-to-side to admire the pump DOES count as cardio.

Now that we got that important boring stuff out of the way, it’s time to hit the gym.

Pro Tip: True bros always keep their gym entrance game on point:


Note: For the exercises listed as 1a + 1b, or 2a, 2b, 2c, for example, it means that these should be completed as a superset or tri-set.

Week 1 – Day 1
Warmup: Digging your old-school Wrestlemania tank top that you hid from your wife out of storage.
Note: You will do 10 dumbbell shrugs after each set of exercises**
1. Weighted neutral grip pull-up 4×3 **
2a) Reverse grip pulldowns 4×5 **
2b) Seated cable row 4×5**
3a) Dumbbell rear laterals 3×15 **
3b) 1 arm dumbbell row 3×5 each arm **
4. Straight bar curls 8×8
Cardio: Nah bro.
Recovery: Protein…all the protein.

Week 1 – Day 2
Warmup: A couple of shots of your favorite pre-workout and then sprinting into the free weight area to grab your favorite bench.
1. High box squats 3×3
2. bench press 3×8
3a) Incline flye 3×8
3b) Dumbbell shrugs 3×20
4a) Dumbbell lateral raise 3×8
4b) Reverse curls 3×8
5. Push-ups (3 rounds till failure)
Cardio: taking a few quick selfies of the pump.
Recovery: donuts/triple protein shake.

Gym Bros doing super Gym Bro things: 

Week 1 – Day 3
Warmup: Just go lift, bro.
1. Barbell oh press 5×5
2a. Dumbbell laterals 3×10
2b) Dumbbell rear laterals 3×10
2c) Dumbbell curl to oh press 3×10
3a) E-Z bar skull crushers 3×10
3b) Cable rope oh extension 3×10
3c) Close grip pushup 3×10
Cardio: Attempt to remove shirt.
Recovery: Lots of moo juice and protein.

brovember workout program jamin thompson curls

Week 1 – Day 4
Warmup: Pre-workout shots, taking scissors to the hoodie, searching for Dr. Dre beats on Pandora.
1a) Clean pull 4×3
1b) Weighted chins 4×3
2a) Back squat 60%x5, 65%x5, 70%x5
2b) Dumbbell pullovers 3×5
3a) Dumbbell RDL’s 3×5
3b) 1 arm dumbbell rows 3×5
4a) Barbell curls 10, 12, 15, 12, 10
4b) Dumbbell shrugs 10 , 12, 15, 12, 10
Cardio: Googling “Best Mongolian BBQ Joint”
Recovery: Crushing Mongolian BBQ.

Week 1 – Day 5
Warmup: Slam 3 scoops of pre-workout, rip shirt off like Hulk Hogan, pace the weight room.
1a) Dumbbell hammer curl 3×8
1b) E-Z bar reverse curl 3×8
1c) Chins 3×8
1d) Close grip bench press 3×10
1e) E-Z bar skull crusher 3×10
1f) Rope press-downs 3×12
2. Hang from the pull-up bar for time (2 times for as long as you can).
Cardio: You serious bro?
Recovery: Smash 2 giant burritos with extra chicken from Chipotle.


Week 2 – Day 1
Warmup: Watch CT Fletcher Compilation on YouTube.
1a) Rack pull and shrug 3×10 (as heavy as you can)
1b) Arnold press 3×12
1c) Band pull-aparts 3×10
1d) V-ups 3×12
2a) Rolling barbell triceps 3×10
2b) Weighted dips 3×12
2c) Straight arm pull-down 3×10
2d) Hanging knee raise 3×12
3a) 1 arm dumbbell preacher curls (yelling “i command you to grow”) 3×10 each arm
3b) Hammer curl 3×12
3c) Barbell curl 3×10
Cardio: Flex in the mirror, turning neck side to side to see if any chicks are noticing.
Recovery: Slowly stirring and sipping post-workout drink (while still looking around to see if anyone is mirin).

brovember workout program jamin thompson bodybuilding selfie

Week 2 – Day 2
Warmup: You’re already warm from the pre-workout rush, which is all the warmth you need, bro.
Note: There is a 3 second negative on each exercise except on forearms.
1a) High incline dumbbell bench 3×12
1b) Mid incline dumbbell bench 3×12
1c) Flat dumbbell bench 3×12
1d) Push-up 3×12
2a) Bent row 3×10
2b) Pull-up 3×10
2c) Pullover 3×10
3a) Forearm curls 3×15
3b) Behind the back forearms curls 3×15
3c) Reverse curl 3×15
Cardio: Trying to open the door to get out of the gym.
Recovery: Asking your girl if she would be kind enough to give you a recovery massage – aka a super bro’s clever way of asking if she wants to feel your fresh new gainz – which we know she clearly does (we also know she benefits from this just as much as you do).

Week 2 – Day 3
Warmup: (1) Slam 3 scoops of pre-workout. (2) Hit the homies in the group chat to remind them that they’re small and weak (and you’re not).
1a) Squat 4×5 60/65/70/75/80%
1b) Inverted row 4×10
2a) 1 arm dumbbell press 4×12
2b) 1 arm dumbbell row 4×12 each
3a) 1 arm tricep extension 2x max reps each
3b) Zoteman curl 2x max reps each
4. Standing cable crunch x 50 reps
Cardio: lmaoo good one bro
Recovery: Pizza? Burgers? Tacos? Sushi if ya feeling fancy? It’s your world, bro.

brovember workout program jamin thompson arm workouts

Week 2 – Day 4
Warmup: Visualize yourself on a sandy beach somewhere with tons of good lookin’ ladies mirin’ your lower lats.
1a) Strict slow weighted chins 4×2
1b) Bent row 1×5, 1×6, 1×7, 1×8
2a) Dumbbell pullovers 3×5
2b) Strict slow weighted chins 3×1
3a) 1 arm dumbbell row 3×5
3b) Weighted back extension 3×5
Cardio: Frequent trips to the water fountain.
Recovery: 2 philly cheese steaks (one for each lat).

Week 2 – Day 5
Warmup: Blasting old-school NWA in the car on your way to the gym.
Note A: We will do shrugs as “rest” between sets. So after each set, perform 10 dumbbell shrugs for exercises #1-5 (example: do 10 reps of bench press, then do 10 dumbbell shrugs as a superset)*
Note B: for exercises 6-10, perform 10 barbell shrugs after each set**
1. Bench press 5×10*
2. Barbell curls 5×10*
3. Dumbbell incline 5×10*
4. Barbell upright row 5×10*
5. E-Z bar curl 5×10*
6. Tricep pushdown 5×10**
7. Dumbbell laterals 5×10**
8. E-Z bar skull crusher 5×10**
9. Dumbbell rear delt raise 5×10**
10. Dumbbell tricep kickback 5×10**
Cardio: Celebrating your success from the top rope.
Recovery: Double rice, double chicken hibachi bowl, then Mexican dinner.

Now, if you’re like any good bro I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “cool workout bro, but what supplements did you take?!?”

I know that without supplements most gym bros will just shrivel up and die – but don’t worry bro, I got you.

Here is the full list of supplements used during these two weeks:

Morning (on an empty stomach): Gifted Nutrition BCAAS
Morning (on an empty stomach): Gifted Nutrition Glutamine
Pre-workout: Gifted Nutrition Accelerate
Intra-Workout: Gifted Nutrition BYLT
Post-workout: Gifted Nutrition 1316

Use code ‘JAMIN15’ for 15% off all Gifted Nutrition Products

Thanks for reading. Have fun with the workouts and be sure to comment below or shoot me a tweet if you have questions about the workouts, the supplement stack, or if you just want to bro it out and talk football or wrestling. It’s whatever really.

Special thanks to my bro Nate Edwards (aka @GrindToShine365) for being the brain child behind these Brovember workouts, we truly hope you guys (and gals) enjoy them. For those of you who have asked, we now have personalized online training and nutrition programs available, shoot me an email at info[at] for more info (be sure to replace the [at] with @). I’m out!

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