jamin thompson zombie killer home workout

The Zombie Killer Home Workout

jamin thompson zombie killer home workout

Well, this is it.

It’s happening.

Some of us have trained for years and are fully prepared.

Others, not so much.

But don’t worry, my friend.

If you’re facing the frightening prospect of having to fight off zombies while being out of shape and weak from (1) totally slacking off and not going to the gym before coronavirus hit; or (2) not being able to go to the gym while we’re all in quarantine, don’t worry, I got you.

You see, the gym is great and all, but it isn’t 100% necessary if you want to hulk up and get more jacked.

And when you’re facing the prospect of being quarantined for weeks without access to an actual gym, working out at home is your best bet.

Now, before you skip to the comments and say some dumb sh*t we already know like “the gym is better”, let me just point out that the gym is great, BUT YOU CAN get in a great workout in the comfort of your own home.

That’s right, you can turn into a jacked diesel zombie slayer without even having to leave the crib. 

Now, before we get into the meaty portion of this post, I just need to get something off my chest…


I’ve been getting a ton of DM’s from you guys…

…DM’s telling me I’ve been slacking on posting workouts.

Telling me that I went full Hollywood.

Telling me I don’t have time for the little gym bros anymore…

Now, this hurt my feelings a little bit at first…

…I mean you’re gonna just hit me with this after all we’ve been through?

But then…

…after I thought about it for a minute I realized all of it is true.

All true.

I can’t deny it.

But, you know what though?

The people’s champ is back.

Back to save you from getting eaten by hungry zombies.

Why come back now, you ask?

Because your gains are on the line, damn it.


Because I care.

And that’s why I dusted the cobwebs off the front door of the ole subterranean bio-physiological research lab today and developed a BRAND NEW home workout program for you called THE ZOMBIE KILLER.

Program Overview: Whether you’re putting in work in the driveway next to the trusty ole Prius or in the junk storage unit also known as a car garage, this Zombie Killer Home Workout Program will help you hulk up so you can defend your castle against hungry zombies using just your bare hands. This program was designed to be done at home so you won’t need much equipment, but some recommended items are listed below. You can use these items for this workout, or to just build your home gym out in general.

Home Gym Recommended Equipment: Rogue Monster Rack, Rogue GHD, Assault Air Bike, Ohio Bar, Weight Plates, Powerblock Dumbbells, Gymnastic Rings, Kettlebells, Sandbag, Old Tire.

Additional Helpful Equipment: Onnit Steel Club, Stall Bars, Concept 2 Rower, MedballsRucksack, Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Jump Rope, Ankle Weights, Ab-Wheel, Boxing Gloves, Hand Weights (3, 5 and 8 pounds).

Workout Split: During this program you will train every single day of the week (zombies never get tired and neither will you).

Super Sets & Rep Scheme: Some of the exercises are meant to be performed in super, tri, and/or giant sets. So if the sequence says “1a, 1b, 1c” for example, you should perform each exercise back to back without resting. Also, when it comes to the rep scheme, “5×10” means 5 sets of 10.

How Much Weight To Use: The term ‘1 Rep Max’ or (1RM) is simply the maximum amount of weight you can lift for one rep on any particular exercise. In this program, you may see 80% of 1RM listed as a weight to use. This simply means if 250 pounds is your 1 Rep Max on bench press, you will lift 80% of that, or 200 pounds. If you do not know your max you can also calculate this using rep-max loading, where you predict your max based on your 10 rep load. For example, if ask you how much you think you can bench for 10 reps and you say 250 pounds, that would be your rep-max load, which can be used as an alternative to 1RM in many situations, especially when training for hypertrophy.

Warm Up Sets: Before your first set on each training day, you will perform a warm up exercise for several minutes. This will help your joints and muscles get warm and prepare you for the workload that is to come.

Tracking: Keep a workout journal or training log of the weights you use during each workout so you can maintain a general idea how much progress you’re making and/or how much to increase your weights each week.


Zombie Killer – Day 1

I. Warm Up: 5-10 minutes of Sandbag Get-ups

1. Run 2 miles with sandbag *record your time*

2. Complete two rounds of the following circuit *record your time*

-Prisoner Squats 25 reps
-Push-Ups 25 reps
-Kettlebell Slam 25 reps
-Sandbag Ground n’ Pound 1:00 minute
-Broad Jumps 25 reps *jump as far as you can*
-Alternating Jump Lunges 25 reps *26 reps on each leg*
-Truck Pull (with rope) 1:00 minute *strap a rope to your vehicle and pull it down the street*

Zombie Killer – Day 2

I. Warm Up: 3-5 minutes of jumping jacks or jumprope

1a. Bodyweight Squats (5 reps)
1b. Box Jumps (5 reps) *the box should be roughly 2 feet high*
*Complete 15 rounds of this superset without resting*
*Advanced users use a weight vest or fill a backpack with dirt or sand*

2. Manmakers 3 sets of 1:00

3. Handstand Push-Ups *go to failure*

4. Truck Push 100 Meters

5. 100 crunches

Zombie Killer – Day 3

I. Warm Up: 3-5 minutes of jumping jacks or jumprope

1. Ground War: Head outside to your sidewalk/street (or use a treadmill/track if available) and lunge for 1 mile. Intermediate users can use bodyweight only or use dumbbells. Advanced users can use a barbell. Superheroes can use a barbell and a weight vest. Make sure you log your weight used and total time in your training log.

2a.  Cossack Squats 3×5 each leg
2b. Bodyweight Lateral Lunges 3×5 each leg
2c. V-Ups  *go to failure*

3. 100 Push-Ups

4. 50 Sit-Ups

Zombie Kiler – Day 4

I. Warm Up: 1 mile jog on treadmill (7 to 9 minute pace)

1. Total Body Reverse Pyramid: You will complete a 25 to 1 Push-Up / Exercise Combo to complete a full downward slide of a pyramid 25, 24, 23, 22, etc… all the way down to 1. Here is an example:

25 Pushups + :30 second hill sprint (or treadmill incline sprint)
24 Pushups + :30 second hill sprint (or treadmill incline sprint)
23 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 23 reps
22 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 22 reps
21 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 21 reps
20 Pushups + Bodyweight Lunges 20 reps (each leg)
19 Pushups + Up Downs 19 reps
18 Pushups + Burpees 18 reps
17 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 17 reps
16 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 16 reps
15 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 15 reps
14 Pushups + Pull-Ups 14 reps
13 Pushups + Dips (Use Chair) 13 reps
12 Pushups + Prisoner Squats 12 reps
11 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 11 reps
10 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 10 reps
9 Pushups + Core exercise of choice 9 reps
8 Pushups + Burpees 8 reps
7 Pushups + Thrusters 7 reps
6 Pushups + Up Downs 6 reps
5 Pushups + Knee Jumps 5 reps
4 Pushups + Lunges 4 reps (each leg)
3 Pushups + Burpees 3 reps
2 Pushups + Up Downs 2 reps
1 Pushup + Prisoner Squat 1 rep

Pro Tip: When you get down to the exercises with 5 reps and below, strap on a weight vest and go as hard as you can! You want to use a very challenging weight where you can barely finish all of the reps on these sets.

2. 12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Circuit:

-10 Heavy Bag Kicks
-10 Burpees
-20 Prisoner Squats
-40 Straight Punches
-10 Squat Jumps
-10 Core Exercise Of Choice

Pro Tip: If you do not have a punching bag, just shadowbox.

Zombie Killer – Day 5

I. Warm Up: 3-5 minutes of jumping jacks or jumprope

1. 2 mile run *the goal is to maintain a 6 to 7 minute mile pace*

2. Tire Flip *50 to 100 flips depending on your conditioning level*

3. Dumbbell Thrusters *1 set for max reps (if you don’t have dumbbells use a gallon water jug in each hand)*

4. Sandbag Get Ups *50 to 100 reps depending on your conditioning level*

5. 2 mile run *the goal is to maintain a 7 to 8 minute mile pace*

6. 50 pull-ups

7. 100 crunches

Zombie Killer – Day 6

I. Warm Up: 3-5 minutes of jumping jacks or jumprope

1. Run 1 mile with sandbag *record your time*

2. Pull-Ups *50 to 100 reps depending on your conditioning level*

3. Sledgehammer Strikes (use an old tire) 100 reps

4. Push-Ups 100 reps

5. Truck Push 4×200 feet *push your vehicle up the street as fast as you can*

2. 12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Circuit:

-30 Prisoner Squats
-10 Pull-Ups
-20 Jump Lunges
-15 Push-Ups
-10 Core Exercise Of Choice

Zombie Killer – Day 7

For advanced users who don’t need a rest day and want a challenge:

1. Push/Pull Complex: Complete 100 pull-ups and 200 push-ups. This will be a superset, where you will do max reps on pull-ups and then max reps on push-ups. For example, if you are doing pull-ups and get to failure, you immediately go into push-ups. And vice-versa. Maintain strict form on each exercise, use a full range of motion and do not cheat.

Zombie Apocalypse Supplementation Plan

Upon Waking
Whey Protein: 20-40 grams
BCAA’s: 5 grams
Glutamine: 5 grams
Greens Powder: 1 serving

Taken With Meals
Fish Oil (Or Krill Oil): 2-3 grams; 3 times per day

Before Your Workout
Pre-Workout Mix *optional*

During Your Workout
BYLT *1 serving*

After Your Workout
Whey Protein: 20-40 grams
Creatine: 2-5 grams
BCAAs: 5 grams
Betaine: 1-3 grams

Before Bed
Casein Protein: 20-40 grams
Probiotic *1 serving*

Click Here to learn how to calculate your macros.

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