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‘Rookie’ Producer Jamin Thompson Sets ‘The Perfect Plan’ Series At Swolehead

Los Angeles, California, 11th October 2019 – Jamin Thompson sets new original series, The Perfect Plan.

EXCLUSIVE: Jamin Thompson, writer and executive producer at Swolehead Entertainment, which is a production house for original digital content, has a new series. The Perfect Plan debuted this fall and will air from September, 2019 through December, 2019. Season 1 was released on Facebook Watch and YouTube and included eight episodes.

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The series follows three roommates, who borrow money from a ruthless drug lord in order to pay rent and not end up on the street. Its ensemble cast is led by Barry Brewer (Games People Play) as Tyrese, Tahir Moore (Insecure) as Manny, and Jamin Thompson (The Rookie).  Josef Cannon, Troy Damien, Steve Owens, and Larry Banks are also in the cast.

Thompson is producing The Perfect Plan which like all Swolehead series is written in house, and includes a very diverse cast

“Many people told us comedy was dead but Swolehead has really tapped into what the audience really wants to watch, and how they watch TV,” Thompson said. “It was thrilling to help create a new world of laughter, drama, and excitement and fill in a missing gap in the marketplace for this new generation of viewers.” 

More than a million viewers tuned in to the series premiere of Swolehead’s ‘The Perfect Plan’, which focuses on the 21-45 demos, and the series continues to gain momentum. The Perfect Plan joins a Swolehead programming slate that includes Season 1 of Novelas along with a summer movie slated for 2020.

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