squatober 2021


squatober 2021

The leaves are changing, the air is now quite crisp.

You step outside and suck the soothing, autumn-rich oxygen silently into your nostrils.

The atmosphere is rich with the smell of crushing fantasy football defeat.

The smell of ripe pumpkin-flavored everything fills the streets.

With each deep, invigorating breath, a strange feeling of angst overwhelms you.

It’s definitely Fall, but something is missing.

And then, suddenly it hits you…

A warm feeling of hope.

Squatober is nearly here.

That’s right, Brochacho, the biggest knee bending party of the year is just around the corner.

“What is Squatober,” you ask?

Squatober” is the time of year where gym legends across the planet do squats (and pull-ups) every day for the entire month of October.

“Every day,” you say?!?

Yes, my friend.



Not sure if you’re ready to embark on an epic vision quest for Squatober glory?

Watch the video below, then decide:

For the action takers: you can download the full Squatober 2021 program in PDF format here – or use the online links below:

Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

There are no strings attached here. No clever marketing tricks. This program is 100% free! My buddy Nate and I created the program just to help you improve in the gym.

That said, if you want to get started early, the full week 1 split is posted for you below.

We hope you enjoy the program.

Good luck.


TEST DAY (Optional):
1. Back Squat:
(a) Warmup: 3×10 escalating weight
(b) Work: 1×5 60%, 1×4 70%, 1×3 80%, 1×2 90%, 1×1 Max for the day
(c) Work: 3×5 @ 75% day 1RM
2. Weighted Chins 5×3 ascending weight: 60 rest between sets
3. Inverted row 5×8
4a. DB pullover to extension 3×12-15
4b. DB Walking lunges 3×20 steps

Note: Test Day is optional. You do not have to complete test day, you can skip right into Day 1 below.  Test Day is just a sample workout Nate and I tested out on ourselves first just to make sure everything actually made sense in the gym. Just think of it as a free bonus workout you can save for a rainy day. 

Pro Tip: You should know your 1 Rep Max before beginning this program. If you do not know your 1 Rep Max (1RM), or need help calculating the percentages, you can find some helpful online calculators here

Day 1:
1. Back Squat
(a) Warmup: 3×5 @ 45, 55, 65%
(b) Work: 6×6 @ 70% w/:90 rest between sets
2a. Chinup 5×10
2b. Standing Overhead press 5×10 w/:60 rest between sets
3a. Reverse curl 3×10
3b. Tricep press down 3×10
3c. Hanging knee raise 3×10

Day 2:
1. 3/7 Squat (example: 3 Front squats, duck under the bar and complete 7 back squats)
(a) Warmup: ramp up to 50% 1RM Back Squat
(b) Work: 50% 1RM- set interval timer for 2:00 and do 3 front squats, then 7 back squats. Rest remainder of the 2:00. PERFORM 8 SETS
2a. Straight legged Inverted row: 4x MAX REPS
2b. Sit-ups: 4×15

Watch the video below for a breakdown of the “3/7 Squat” format:

Day 3:
1. Back Squat 5×7 @ 75% 1RM w/:90 rest
2a. Tempo Pullup 4×8 (example: 2 second pause at the bottom and 2 second pause at the top. Overhand Grip).
2b. RDL 4×8 (example: 2 second negative on the way down/explosive pull and glute squeeze at the top).
3. Superman Holds 2x:90

Day 4:
1a. Split Squat 4×12 each leg—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
1b. Dumbbell stepup 4×8 each leg—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
1c. Plyometric stepup 4×12 total –Explosive for every jump
REST: 90 seconds after 1c has been completed
2a. Dumbbell Incline Bench 4×8—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
2b. Chest supported row 4×12—4 second negative/explosive on the way up
REST: 60 seconds after 2b has been completed
3. Hanging knee raises/Pull to face 1×50 reps each

Day 5:
1. Bear complex 8 reps (Clean + Squat + Press + Back Squat) with 80% of bodyweight.
2. 5-3-1 back squat (1) 2×10 warmup; (2) clusters (5 reps at 65%, 3 reps at 75%, 1 rep at 85%). No rest between 5-3-1 reps. Repeat 3 times. Rest 2-3:00 minutes after cluster is over
3. Barbell hip thrust 2×20 with your own body weight on the bar
4. Inverted row 1×50

1. Front Squat Challenge: Complete 50 reps in 5 minutes with your bodyweight on the bar.
Rest 5:00
2. Strict Chinup Challenge: max reps in 5:00…NO KIPPING!

Supplements used for performance and recovery during the week:

Morning (on an empty stomach): Greens Powder 
Pre-workout: Black Coffee, BCAA, Powder (optional)
Supplemental Protein: Ambrosia Planta
Post-workout: Overtraining Solution

Steal My Meal Plan: Download Here

Printable Meal Plan Template: Download Here

Thanks for reading and good luck with Squatober.

If you have any questions just drop me or Nate a line on Twitter or Instagram at @grind2shine365 or @JaminThompson to get your questions answered. 

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